Heart Of Vegas Review: A closer Look At The Game That Is Turning Heads

heart of vegas

Heart of Vegas is a very popular game on Facebook and it is a machine that swallows coins in the Las Vegas casinos, it does not matter if you have never played these types of games in casinos or if you have ever had experience, simply There is no doubt that you are going to have a lot of fun with this game. Heart of Vegas will give you the same experience you would get in a real casino with the benefits of it being completely free so you can play and bet as much as you want and besides that, you can play it wherever you are as long as you have access to Internet you can play freely. check out how you can get more coins here: http://heartofvegasfreecoins.net/

Heart of Las Vegas has many of the most popular real world vegas slots! Game of lions, 50 sun moon, more chiles, miss kitty, dolphin treasure, 50 dragons hearts, red queen of the nile and others with many more on the way! It has won awards and appears to be one of the top ten best new games on Facebook! Start earning free credits now with the center of the vegas bonus wheel! Download today to receive special rewards Las vegas heart has real vegas slot machines just like the ones you know and love! You have played these games in the vegas macau and the biggest casinos in the world. Now you can play these same free games wherever you are! You’ve found the best slots on the mobile now its time to install and have a good time! Become a fan of Las Vegas Heart on Facebook to get special rewards and enjoy everything we have to offer!

You may think that there are few Heart of Vegas tricks, but in fact the only trick you need to keep playing is the coins and that is the one you can use without limitations. So you can bet what you want to each machine since there are several machines.

There are different genres of the game in which you can get special rewards, win Jackpots and bet your coins all this you will be without limits since you will have an infinity of coins to play and bet on Heart of Vegas so if what you want is fun without limits you should Start using these tricks to add more fun to your bets.

Criminal Case – Pros and Cons

In this article, we will tell you how you can easily find Criminal Case friends with whom you can go together on criminal hunts. In the criminal social game, friends not only need to make the perpetrators digest but above all to combat the energy shortage in the game.

Without energy there is no hunt

There is probably nothing more annoying than an empty energy bargain if you want to interrogate important witnesses and suspects or to evaluate crucial indications. Without power, it is not possible to investigate crime scenes (i.e., Hidden Objects) in Criminal Case . And if you do not search for caves, you will not be able to collect any stars that you need for any further action in the game, stars are the main key and you can add stars with criminal case cheats. The key to free themselves from this misery are criminal case friends. Many of them. The more friends you get, the more rarely you have to take nervous restraint. This is because Criminal Case friends can send gifts to each other in the form of energy. Sure, your energies are regenerating anyway after some time, and a level upgrade also fills the energy again.
The maximum is 110 energy points. So you can only examine five crime scenes. But if friends send you a lot of energy as a gift, that is added to the maximum energy. Also, your partners, if they have a social artery, send you a game card after each solved Hidden Object. If you collect complete card sets in this way, there are also rewards in the form of energy snacks or coins. Criminal case friends have another important function: You need the help of three friendly investigators to unlock the next criminal case. Also, many of the so-called awards in the game are tied to interactions with friends, so simply impossible to get hold of.

Criminal Case – Find friends and avoid forcible pause
So where do criminal cases take friends, if not steal them? Very easily. Click “Invite Friends” or “My Team Friends” in the top menu bar of the game. Then you can choose which friends you want to bring into your investigator team. Of course, it can be that your Facebook friends circle consists mostly of game shuffles. In that case, it might be worth considering adding a second account to games and adding like-minded friends. You can also find like-minded people on this Facebook page, which has been specially created for this purpose: Criminal Case Friends. Here you should find enough people to put an end to the energy shortage in the game.